Check Out Some of the Most Common Myths about a Baby Car Seat

baby car seat malaysia

Being a parent, one should know more about some products that can help you protect your kids from harm. Yes, and one of them is the baby car seat malaysia. Do you have one already? Do you have one already? If not yet, it’s high time you should before having your baby in a car. This will help in protecting him from getting injuries in case there is a sudden stop or maybe, an accident. 

But before you buy one, you might first want to know about some of the myths related to a baby car seat malaysia. Check this out:

  • This is not important

If you don’t value the life of your child, that might be the case for you. The thing is, car seats are quite important and in fact, this is imposed in some countries. You will be apprehended if discovered that you are not using a car seat for your child who is below 12 yrs. old. 

  • Seat belts are better than car seats

Seat belts are also great protective tools. However, they are not designed for kids. They are primarily made for adults and they are as important as car seats, which are designed for kids. 

  • A car seat can be used at the front of the car

This can be okay actually if you will make sure to deactivate the airbags. This is because airbags can seriously harm your kids. But then again, the best place for a car seat is at the back and this is usually the product’s recommendation. But if by chance there is no other option for you, make sure that the front seat is pushed back so that the car seat will have a good distance from the airbag. 

  • Kids must not wear a thick clothing

This is another myth that is just true. You see, when the child is wearing something really thick, chances are the harness of the car seat will not hug her snugly, which is a must. Thus, the child should just wear something comfortable and if you are afraid, he might get cold, you can always let him use a blanket. The jacket should be used once he is out of the car seat. 

  • There is no need to replace a car seat after an accident

Obviously, this is not true. Just common sense and you will easily think it is not safe to use the same car seat, even if you cannot find visible damages. The thing is, there should be something in the car seat that is broken considering that it has received a good impact. So, even if the law does not dictate it, you should still change the car seat for your child’s safety. 

There are still so many myths you can find online about car seats. Some of them are true while some are pure myths. It will be up to you to give them a thought since this is for your precious child. 

baby car seat malaysia