Ductless Fume Hood Safety Tips

A fume hood is a huge piece of equipment that is a must in every medical lab. This is used to protect the people in the lab, as well as the processes that are done in it. There are many types of fume hoods, but you should make sure to find a legit fume hood supplier in Malaysia first.

Yes, if you want to make sure you will end up buying just the right fume hood for your medical lab, it is best if you seek out a good and honest supplier first. He will be the one to help you with the rest. Before that though, here are some safety tips when using the fume hood:

Fume Hood Supplier In Malaysia

·         The hood sash must be opened at just the perfect height before you start using the equipment. This is to ensure that the user will be protected from the chemicals. You will usually realize this through a set of arrows that are visible on the frame.

·         Then you need to not miss checking the air gauge. It must be within the allowable range. This is a must as not doing so might lead to unnecessary accidents.

·         The exhaust fan must be working before you start anything. This is one of the most significant parts of the equipment as this will ensure the vapours brought about by the chemicals, or toxins can indeed escape and will not in any way harm the people in the lab. To ensure this, you also need to check the baffles.

Fume Hood Supplier In Malaysia

·         Considering that you are using electrical equipment, and in an environment where there are also other electrical items, it is best to check for electric sparks near the equipment. This can happen at times, and this can generate subsequent explosions if worse comes to worst.

·         From time to time, you should check the air filters. This is quite important as once the air filters will be clogged, of course, the fume hood cannot function fully or as expected. This should be part of your regular routine every time you are going to use the equipment.

·         Make sure that before you use the hood, even if it is for the first time only, you will turn off the lights. Sometimes, this is skipped, but that should not be. It will be quite dangerous for you, not to mention, your work as well. By turning on the lights, you will be able to see clearly, which is a must when working with a fume hood.

Fume Hood Supplier In Malaysia

·         Before you use the hood, it is also better if you will tell your other companions in the lab. This is also another way of preparing the hood, especially if there were other people using it. They will be able to clean up the mess and at the same time, keep the things that are left behind.

When it comes to fume hoods, one should be really cautious. You surely don’t want your precious lab to just disappear because you get careless.