How Aware Are We on Breastfeeding Mums’ Care Products?

shows newborn and the mother

We acknowledge that some people in our community in Malaysia are using the word ‘breastfeeding’ as a one of the taboo words that should not be publicly done or mentioned. However, it is actually very crucial for everyone to know all of the struggles that breastfeed mum has to deal with everyday in order to ease their burdens. However, breastfeeding problems and the solution does not have to be acknowledged by the mother only, the closest person with the mother also responsible for at least concern and taking note on how to handle it well. It could be the husband, the parents-in-law or the siblings.

It is undeniable that due to the ‘breastfeeding’ word that has been taken as a taboo word by most of the people, not so many mother care products in Malaysia can barely be found or advertised openly nowadays. Mother care products are indeed very important as the wellbeing of the baby will eventually depend on the mum’s wellbeing too while breastfeeding. Following this issue, we have been introduced to a brand that concerns more on breastfeeding mum which is Lansinoh as a solution. 

What Can Lansinoh Offer to Breastfeeding Mum?

Lansinoh, a healthcare professional offers breastfeeding mums good mother care products that focus on breastfeeding products and advice articles to help mums in guiding them in dealing with common problems while breastfeeding. Indeed, Lansinoh is a great branding that should have been advertised widely and publicly so the breastfeeding mums know where to turn when they encounter problems that are related to the during and after the pregnancy. 

Lansinoh Mother Care Products

Since Lansinoh mother care products is a brand that will be focusing more on the breastfeeding problems, it does have;

  • New Organic Nipple Balm
  • Breastfeeding Pillow
  • HPA @ Lanolin Nipple Cream for Sore & Cracked Nipples
  • Disposable Breast Pads with Blue Lock
  • Contact Nipple Shields
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags

Professional Health Advices in Lansinoh Website

As stated above, this brand does not only sell beneficial products for breastfeeding mums, but it also provides guidance in all of the advice articles in the website. All of these articles that consist of guidance in pregnancy labour and birth postnatal , breastfeeding and everything that are related to mother and the newborn are crucial besides the care products. This shows how Lansinoh is completely taking over everything in making sure the breastfeeding mums are on a good term. 

Do The Products Are Saved to be Used by Breastfeeding Mums?

Exactly, that is what Lansinoh was created for, to come up with safe products for the mum and the baby. All of these mother care products that have been produced by Lansinoh were made with 100% USDA certified organic nipple balm with no smell, taste or colour which will be safe for the mum and the baby. Other than that, these products are also made with no additives, preservatives, petroleum or parabens and are hypoallergenic.


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