How to Make the Most Optimal Design and Construction Decisions Immediately

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Words such as “rentable square footage” and “useful square footage” are often used when discussing how much it will cost to rent an office space on a commercial property. The pricing of your office space is not based on a single monthly leasing price, but rather on square footage-based estimations.

With a little forethought and the support of an experienced tenant agent, the rental procedure may be accomplished rather easily. When looking for an office for rent in Bayan Baru, the available amenities are the single most significant thing to consider.

Is it rational to say that a certain amount of space is available for usage in a given environment?

When determining how much space is really being used, the number of square feet that can be utilised productively will be considered. Imagine that you are renting a massive office building, and that each of your usable square feet equates to the size of a single office.

Is it valid to assert that a specific amount of space is “rentable” in a certain circumstance?

Prior to commencing your search for office space to rent, it is in your best advantage to have a strong understanding of the overall square footage you will need.

What is the Common Area Factor and can you explain its application?

In another formulation, the “common area factor” refers to the total amount of space accessible to all office tenants in the building. There is a high likelihood that restrooms and cleaning closets will be located in the lobby and copy rooms of an office building. In addition, there is a possibility that these sections include copy rooms. The two most significant characteristics of a structure to examine are its floor space and construction area. 

office for rent in Bayan Baru

The construction of a whole is the consequence of the union of all of these elements and prerequisites.

It may be challenging for tenants of office space with little or no previous experience to calculate square footage. Although you may find it difficult to calculate the numbers, tenant representatives are skilled in this area and willing to help you if necessary. Multiplying the quantity of space that can be utilised by one and then adding the percentage of the add-on price yields the amount of space that can be leased out. Multiply the rentable square footage by 100 and the usable square footage by 100 to get the percentage of additional space. This will offer you the complete amount of extra space. Asking your prospective landlord whether he employs an add-on percentage or a common area factor percent might provide the information you need to make a decision.


When negotiating a lease, it is essential to include both your present and prospective space requirements. Even if your company now employs just three people, you must still make the required preparations to support a twenty percent increase in the workforce over the following year or two. This is true even if you do not have such plans at now. For a period of one year, we were required to dwell in a neighborhood with a high population density. Consider renting out part of your office space to local professionals in need of a flexible work environment rather than acquiring more space. Renting more space than you need will have a less financial effect on your budget.