How to Deal with Breastfeeding Complications

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Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. Even if there are problems in your situation, you should still find a way to do it as there are always solutions. You can easily check online for some tips and at the same time, you might need some products that will help the process easier. 

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Malaysia products for babies

There is no denying that you might meet some breastfeeding complications along the way. But as mentioned above, there will always be solutions like the following common breastfeeding hurdles below:

  • One of the most common problems when breastfeeding is breast engorgement. This is when your breast is already too full and feels hard. This happens when you have more milk than what you can feed to your baby, or maybe, your baby cannot yet get the hang of being breastfed. There are also times when the reason is that your baby cannot attach his mouth well to your breast. You should also check on this. 
  • There are ways though to ease the pain of breast engorgement. You can express the milk from your breast using your hand or you can also use a breast pump. However, you should not strip your breast with the milk as this can only enable your breast to produce more. 
  • There are also times when the baby cannot cope with the too much milk production from your breast. If this will happen to you, it is best to ask for assistance from a midwife and try breastfeeding in front of her. She might be able to find the problem and can offer a solution. 
  • There will be times when you feel that there is not enough milk coming from your breast. While this can be normal for come, at times, the reason could be because the milk passage is blocked. Your baby can help in relieving the blockage. You only need to position your baby right so that the problem area will be addressed and your milk will start flowing again. 
  • Mastitis can also happen. What is this? This is when the blockage of the milk passage is not relieved. This can be quite painful every time you breastfeed the baby. But you have to note that breastfeeding can actually help in soothing mastitis. You can reach out to your doctor so you will be advised on what to do. 

Without a doubt, breastfeeding is not that easy. Especially if you happen to be a working mom, this can be a struggle. But you have to note that you should still not skip this. This is one of the best ways to show to your baby how much you love him. 

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