Using containers to keep your kitchen clean and simply

kitchen containers for food storage Malaysia

Containers aid organisation by grouping goods and reducing the sprawl that occurs behind closed doors – and drawers. They make clean-up easier by restricting objects to a single container, which can be simply removed and washed under. Containerizing can also prevent ingredients and products from becoming misplaced with proper labelling. You can check out kitchen containers for food storage Malaysia to pick some kitchen containers.

Choosing an organizing container

Here are three characteristics to consider while choosing the right container for the job. 

  • Durability. A flimsy basket will not suffice to keep your pot covers contained. A container must be durable enough to withstand repeated use.
  • Size. Don’t pick something that’s too little for the amount of stuff you’ll be storing.
  • Charm. Choose containers that appeal to you. They may have sentimental value or enhance the appearance of your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if they match or not; the important thing is that you enjoy them!

When choosing containers, start with what you already have before going out and buying what you require. From January through November, a large Christmas cookie pan that has been unused for the majority of the year can be utilised to store cookie cutters or baking ingredients.

When looking for a container, think outside the box–literally. It doesn’t have to mention Rubbermaid or Tupperware to be effective (though they are excellent options). Glass, metal, plastic, wooden, or cardboard containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including square, round, rectangular, and freeform, and may all fit into your kitchen.

Container ideas for your kitchen

1. Tins: Whether large or tiny, square or round, are perfect for storing small, easily dispersed materials like magnets, elastic bands, or dried yeast packages, as well as larger items like cookie cutters.

2. Jars: Foods purchased in bulk can be moved to jars for hermetic storage and can also be used to display their contents.

3. Upright folder: A kitchen produces almost as much paper as an office. Store recipe clippings, grocery lists, and other critical paperwork in an upright file folder.

4. Baking tins: Some of my smaller cake decorating tools are kept in the antique loaf pan shown above. It does a good job of keeping them from getting thrown about the cupboard while still allowing easy access to them.

5. Can rack: A robust wire soup can rack, which accommodates most sizes of cans and is far safer than stacking cans three high as I have done in the past, is a great investment if you bulk up on canned items.

6. Baskets: Baskets, whether made of wire, wicker, or any other material, can be used in the kitchen to store everything from spice bags to folded cotton napkins. I keep my laptop power wire coiled in a little basket on the kitchen counter, where I also keep other small equipment. Baskets are perfect for organising dried items on pantry shelves or for kitchens with open storage.

7. Tupperware: Tupperware reigns supreme when it comes to pantry storage solutions, regardless of form, size, or colour. My baking goods are kept in their airtight Modular Mates (top shelf), while little, bagged products like nuts and grains are kept in check in the blue containers below.

kitchen containers for food storage Malaysia